About Us

It was in 1981, Gullapalli N Rao, practicing ophthalmology and the sub-specialty of cornea, was leading the Corneal Research Program at the University of Rochester, USA. He was a well-respected academician, doing cutting edge research, and with a significant teaching schedule. He, along with his wife, Pratibha, was also starting to think of ways to improve the quality of eye care in India. Dr Rao, Ms Prathibha Rao and a group of like-minded friends and colleagues set up the Indo American Eye Care Society in 1984, a not-for-profit body that has played a crucial role in this endeavour. Dr Brijen Gupta, a retired professor from the University of Rochester, helped them set up and register the society.

The Indo American Eye Care Society in the United States works with L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in India to raise funds to support its activities and its mission to bring excellent eye care to all.




As of September 2022 we have 234 Vision Centres, 26 Secondary Eye Care Centres,
4 Urban City Centres, 3 Tertiary Centres and our flagship Centre of Excellence.
Additionally, LVPEI has 9 Partner Centres and 1 Overseas Partnership
in West Africa with Liberia Eye Centre in Monrovia.



LVPEI currently has 234 Vision Centres that provide primary care in the districts and villages of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha and Karnataka.

These are linked to Secondary Eye Care Centres (26), which are in turn linked to LVPEI Tertiary Centres in Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Bhubaneswar.

LVPEI’s Centre of Excellence at Hyderabad is at the apex of the Eye Care Pyramid.

Since establishment in 1987 LVPEI has:

  • Served over 34.14 million people with more than 50% services provided free of cost, regardless of complexity
  • Seen over 19.23 million outpatients and conducted over 1.79 million surgeries
  • Performed over 2029 innovative stem cell based procedures
  • Reached over 12,193 villages through secondary and primary care
  • Helped rehabilitate over 0.20 million persons with irreversible blindness or low vision
  • Harvested over 119,279 donor corneas, and transplanted over 69,964 of them to needy patients
  • Trained 56,759 eye care professionals from India and abroad
  • Helped upgrade eye care programs in 18 states of India and 16 other countries
  • Awarded 57 PhDs and published over 4099 research papers